About Simeon
Simeon is more an idea than a whale.  I discovered a little quirk that people mistake the lyrics for Rusted Root song “Send Me On My Way” for “Simeon the Whale”(listen for yourself.)  I’ve always love the song because it gives me the feeling of having unbounded potential and opportunity.  The idea of a whale called Simeon sending me (or you) off to more fully be ourselves amuses me.

About Me
We’re surrounded by messages that tell us to reach our potential and pursue our dreams.  But what happens when you aren’t clear on what those dreams are?  I don’t have a hidden, burning passion to do something that I’m holding back on.  I’ve pursued two graduate degrees, big corporate jobs, non-profit jobs, jobs in academia… and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

This blog is an exploration of things that make me feel alive and creative and full of energy.  Right now this mostly takes the form of making stuffed animals out of upcycled materials (I call them Lanimals) and other random sewing projects.  I really enjoy the innocent happiness and the magic that comes from making something.  Oh and I’m also a sucker for cute things, nature and inspirational quotes.

One Last Thing
I would describe my items as perfectly imperfect.  My stuff is rarely symmetric, sometimes trapezoidal instead of square and (I hope) loveably imperfect.


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