Garage Sale Greenies

One of my favorite things is to go to garage sales.  Yesterday I stopped by a garage sale and spotted a very rare find. Baby socks!

So maybe if you saw baby socks at a garage sale you wouldn’t be thinking “Score!”  But socks are the perfect shape for making Lanimals – especially the teeny tiny ones – so they get me pretty excited.

I’m often tempted to buy new baby socks because I’ve found it hard to find gently used socks.  If you have any socks of any size that are in decent condition that you want to get rid of, please let me know. (I’ll pay for postage)

So here’s what the socks turned into.

Introducing Milo (the stripey guy) and Pistachio (the penguin)

I’m not sure what kind of animal Milo is – but i wanted to play around and make puffy lips.  Luckily you don’t have to resemble a real animal to be a Lanimal.

Isn’t Milo intimidating? (Keep in mind he’s about 3 inches tall)

And here’s Pistachio the pocket-sized penguin.  Hooray!


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