Assignment: Purple Bird

At the craft fair, someone requested that I make a little purple bird.  I’m so to have a commission.  Here’s the resulting Lanimal plus some of his real animal friends.

Because he’s a commission, I think I’m going to refrain from giving him a name and a backstory.

Playing with shadows.

Playing with 1 cat.

Playing with 2 cats.

Now you see my secret photo shoot location.  The inside of an IKEA drawer.  I’m still experimenting with light and backgrounds.  What do you think? Does the IKEA drawer work?  Is the light too harsh?


2 thoughts on “Assignment: Purple Bird

  1. From what I observed in my photo shoot, and heard from my FIL, the best light is the light that is reflected off a white surface. I haven’t figured out how to make that work in my house. The other thing that Liz did was diffuse the sunlight in the room with a white special photographer’s sheet, but I think a white sheet would do the same thing. She also used a poster-board to bounce light from the window onto a face.

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