Amtrak Babies

On this morning’s train ride, I finalized the name my stuffed animals friends.  Previously, I had been calling them “dolls” but that just didn’t seem right at all.  Too girly and frilly and not very me.

“Lanimals” comes from a syntax a friend invented years ago that I adopted.  If you love something or someone, you add an “L” to the beginning of the name.  If someone or something makes you mad or you have a negative association with that person/thing, you would add an “F” to the beginning of their name (you can guess why).  For example, you could say Lobama and Fomney or Lomney and Fobama depending on your political leanings.

And so… these little critters will be called lanimals.

Here’s my latest lanimal finished on the train.  His name is Gus.

Apparently, Gus is not too fond of train travel.  He prefers his adventures in the pages of a good sci-fi thriller while cuddled under the blankets with a cup of tea.


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