Craft Show Prep

I’m entered to have a table at the Philly Midtown Village Fall Festival next weekend. In addition to getting inventory ready, my goal is to put up a ‘first draft’ web site up by Saturday. Of course, I’m worried that everything will be ready in time but because this undertaking is for fun, I’m trying not to get stressed over it. Here is a sneak peak of some of my inventory.


These guys were made on various car rides, bus trips to NYC and episodes of Project Runway, the Daily Show or the Colbert Report. They were freshly stuffed today.


If anyone has tips on craft tables and/or building an online site (etsy vs shopify etc) please comment or email me at simeonthewhale at gmail dot com. I really super appreciate any help. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Craft Show Prep

    • Thank you! Most of my stuff is made from upcycled materials but I do have some new material that I use as well. I prefer making things out of material from donations, yard sales, etc but every so often I find socks or fabric that I can’t resist.

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