Birthday Bag

I made this bag for my sister (an avid photographer) for her birthday.


I used a pattern from “The Bag Making Bible” by Lisa Lam.

Overall, I found the pattern instructions understandable but there were a few ways they could have been clearer. The instructions are spread over different sections so that you are referred to different sections of the book and small details we’re omitted (how to line up the button patch, how to make a yo yo flower).

I have to make at least one more bag from the book before I judge it but If I had to give the book a grade just on this pattern, ‘The Reversible Bucket Bag,’ it’d be a B+. That being said, I do like the overall design of this bag and I learned several new tricks.


Like making bias tape.

And using fusible fleece so the bag is squishy. Here are all the pieces laid out.


Extra help from a snarky kitty is an added bonus.


Check out the lining fabric with bikes and the pocket. (FYI the bag is reversible but I neglected to take a phoo of it flipped before wrapping it. Oops)


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