Quilt Show Near and Far – Part II

Thank you for your responses and support! Here are some of my other photos from the quilt show.  Enjoy!

“Cuppa Tea” by Shena Riess

I am so impressed with the detail work and the fabric choices in this quilt.

"Cuppa Tea" by Shena Riess close up

This quilt was created by printing a photograph onto fabric and “thread painting” the areas of the duck.  From the label, I learned that this quilt uses the “trapunto effect” where extra padding is put into the quilt to create the additional puffy areas.

“Mandarin Duck” by Barbara Barrick McKie close up

“Sassy” by Shannon Shirley

I had parakeets as a kid, so this quilt hit a soft spot for me.  The bird is a Quaker Parrot named “Sassy.” The embroidery in this quilt is amazing.

“Sassy” by Shannon Shirley

“Poppies on Parade” by Anne Yeo

This quilt was also made by a New Zealander. I really like the color palate of this quilt and the subject matter.  When you see the detail of the beadwork and embroidery on the poppies, you can get a sense for the visual impact of this quilt.

“Poppies on Parade” by Anne Yeo close up

“Amazed” by Margaret McDonald & Susan Campbell

Just wait until you see this quilt up close. Unbelievable!

“Amazed” by Margaret McDonald & Susan Campbell close up

“Sweet Spring” by Frieda Oxenham

Similar to the last quilt, this piece has amazing detail work within a geometric design.

“Sweet Spring” by Frieda Oxenham close up


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