Quilt Show Near and Far

I went to my first quilt show, the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, yesterday and was absolutely blown away by what people can create with fabric and thread.  I’m just learning to quilt and have a small sense of the ENORMOUS amount of work, the patience and the vision that goes into creating one of these pieces.

I don’t really like the traditional quilt design because it feels too frumpy and grandma for my tastes.  But take a look at the designs below and I think it will reframe how you think about quilting.  Below are some of my favorites with some close up shots to show their intricate craftsmanship and artistry.

“Stop and Smell the Flowers” by Shannon Shirley

I’m not a huge fan of pigs but I think the combination of fabrics in this quilt are amazing.

“Stop and Smell the Flowers” by Shannon Shirley close up

“What’s Next?” by Kathleen McCabe

Can you believe that this is a quilt??  I am always in awe with the ability to create a macro image from seemingly random shapes.  It reminds me of Chuck Close’s portraits.

“What’s Next?” by Kathleen McCabe close up

“Indian Rhapsody” by Hazel Foot

Between the size (this quilt measures over 6 feet tall) and vibrancy of colors in this quilt, it was pretty visually arresting.  Taking  a look closer, you can see the impressive beading detail work.

As an aside, this quilt maker is from New Zealand. This show showcased quilts from around the world.

"Indian Rhapsody" by Hazel Foot close up

“Journey South” by Alison Laurence

This quilter is also from New Zealand and, apparently, shows the landscape from the South Island of New Zealand under the train wheels.  I think this depiction is so clever and intriguing.

“Journey South” by Alison Laurence close up

“Silver Madonna – 1” by Laurie Tigner

Isn’t this depiction of Madonna and Child just amazing?  I love this one.

“Silver Madonna – 1” by Laurie Tigner close up

I actually have several more images like this.  If you’d like me to share more please comment or “like” the post and I’ll write another follow-up.


3 thoughts on “Quilt Show Near and Far

  1. Yeah, more please. The quilting lines in the Silver Madonna make me think of andamenti in mosaic. Doesn’t apply in quite the same way with traditional quilts, which is probably why your images gave me a ‘aha’ moment.

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