Road Trip by Moonlight

My wife and I just got back from a road trip to Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks. My original intention was to capture the trip via moonlight photos.  I didn’t get a photo each night so I’ve sprinkled in a few other highlights.

Lolo Pass on the Idaho-Montana Border. We stopped at LoLo Pass to shake out our legs on the way to Missoula.  Lewis and Clark came through this meadow on their expedition in September of 1805 and June of 1806.

Flathead Lake, Montana. We were safely eating huckleberry ice cream on the dock and caught sight of two paddleboarders on Flathead lake outside Bigfork, Montana.  As you can see, Flathead Lake is gorgeous and big (the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi) and Bigfork was a really cute little town.

Glacier National Park.  We hiked in Glacier National Park on the 3rd day but I neglected to take a photo that night.  Ok, so it’s a break in the moonlight theme but this is really cool. This photo is the Grinnell Glacier, one of the most popular sites at the Park.  It’s worth following the wikipedia link to see photos of the glacier since 1938 and how it has changed shape (i.e. melted) over time.

Sleeping in a teepee in Browning, Montana.  We wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the Native American history of the area. We stayed in a teepee at the Lodgepole Gallery & Tipi Village.  This business was started by a Harvard-educated Blackfoot Indian who returned to his hometown with the mission of preserving and educating people about the Blackfoot Indian tribe. The founder and his wife were incredibly hospitable and it was a really enjoyable experience.

Geyser – Old Faithful


Hot Spring – Mammoth Springs

Yellowstone Geology.  There are absolutely amazing geological features at Yellowstone formed by water making it’s way under the Earth’s surface by rain or snow and the resurfacing either as a hot spring, mud pot or geysers.  You can find a better explanation of the details and formations of the various geothermal features here.

Grand Tetons. The Grand Tetons were so majestic.  This photo was captured at dawn before we embarked on a 20ish mile hike through Paintbrush and Cascade Canyons.  We saw great wildlife and amazing scenery.  And while we got caught in cold windy rain at the top of the pass and my feet were weary after a long hike, it was my favorite day of the entire trip.


3 thoughts on “Road Trip by Moonlight

  1. That last photo is freaking amazing! Just like a postcard. At first I was going to scold you for copyright infringement, assuming you swiped it from their website – then I realized you took it 🙂

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