Quilt Class – Part 2

I’ve completed my quilt blocks for my quilt class at The City Quilter!  Ok ok, I’ve only made 4 blocks (it’s a baby quilt) but I’m still pretty excited about it. Take a look.

Here are the blocks laid out the way I anticipate that they’ll be stitched together.

In 3 classes, we’ve learned 3 different techniques that can be applied to different types of blocks.  First was the log cabin that I referred to in my previous post.

We then covered strip piecing to make the Nine Patch in Corners block.

And also the Pinwheels in Corners.
Most recently, we covered Flying Geese, which I combined to make these rotating arrows (I don’t know the official name for this kind of block).  This tutorial shows the same technique we used to make the “goose” blocks.

Of course it didn’t take long for the kitties to get involved and feign innocence.

In the next class we learn how to add sashing and borders. I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Quilt Class – Part 2

    • I’m at a standstill. I haven’t been sure what quilt stitch design to use. I only have experience with straight lines and a failed attempt at free motion (you were there for that one). I’m going for a follow-up tutorial later this week and plan to finish up this bad boy!

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