Quilt Class – Part 1

I’ve started a quilt class through an amazing fabric store in NYC, The City Quilter!  I can’t say enough good things about this store–their fabric selection, friendliness and knowledge-base of the staff and the high level of customer service (Don’t judge by their web site. It really doesn’t do them justice).  The class is “Introduction to Patchwork” and is taught by the AWESOME Christine Janove.

By the end of the class, we’ll learn all the techniques required to make a quilt like the one above.  The class tackles one block at a time and then covers the framing, quilting (sewing on the back of the quilt) and binding.  We started with the block on the lower right hand corner.  This is called a log cabin block.

Here is the example Christine (our teacher) gave us of the log cabin block to help us see the construction. The log cabin a fundamental quilt block that has a rich history and is over 200 years old! Check out this snippet from Wikipedia.

Some abolitionists were active in the Underground Railroad helping runaway slaves get to safety. There are stories that certain quilts were used as signals to help the slaves in their flight to freedom. The idea that a log cabin quilt would be hung on the line of a safe house was one. More recent stories tell of certain quilts being used to tell the slaves what they needed to do to get to safety. This all sounds quite romantic but historians are divided on the theory and legend. But we do know that a valiant effort was made by both whites and free slaves to help these slaves to their destination.


We get to work on super fancy Berninas in the class workshop.  I’m intimidated and excited to work with an electronic machine.  In the background, you can see the book we’re using as a guide for the class, Piecing the Piece O’ Cake Way.  It’s been helpful so far though the fabric choices are very traditional.  I like something a little funkier and, of course, can’t escape my cute aesthetic.

One of my favorite parts of any sewing project is choosing the fabrics. I am a sucker for hand-drawn figures.  I think the orange and gray will play off each other nicely.

Sheesh – cutting exactly is exhausting!  I’m not sure if quilting is for me. I’m just not inherently that anal.  Here’s the mockup of the quilt block.  We’ll see how it goes!


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